Frequently Asked Questions


Do you take infants or children under two years old?
No. The youngest we are licensed for is two years old.


Do you have a year round program?
Our school year is from September through June. We have a summer camp program from June to August. Your child can attend the summer program even if they are not enrolled for our school year. Likewise, your child may come for the school year and not for the summer program.


We’re thinking about having a child, are pregnant or have a baby under 12 months old. Can we get on the wait list for when they are two years old?
Yes. Applications are kept in the order that they are received for the anticipated school year. However, applying early does not guarantee you a spot in the class!


When do we submit our application?
Anytime. We keep the applications in the order we receive them. We take that order into consideration when forming the class, along with many other factors. Again, early application does not guarantee your child a spot.


Do you only accept students living in the Bolton Hill area?
We accept applications from anyone who aligns themselves with our philosophy. That being said, our guidelines for building classes do state that we give priority to children from our neighborhood, as well as children who have had siblings attend our school. We have other factors that are important when we make up our classes, such as having an equal number of boys and girls, and a balance of full time and part time students.


My child didn’t get into your program this year and is on the waitlist. Is there a chance they will be accepted?
There is always a chance that a child will change school plans, their parents’ schedules will change or they will move unexpectedly. While we usually don’t anticipate moving children up from the waitlist, it can happen. When an enrolled child is unexpectedly withdrawn for any reason, we move to the next student on our waitlist. We can roll over your application to the next fall, if you notify us.


I am concerned about kindergarten readiness for my child, how will he/she do coming from a play-based school?
We survey all of our students the year after they move on from BHN. Overwhelmingly the parents feel their children were very well-prepared, if not over prepared, for their transition to other school environments!  Since our program focuses on the social development as much as cognitive, our children are prepared for community and civic responsibilities, as well as academic skills and requirements. Additionally, our program allows for individualized attention during the child’s entire time here, thus we are able to address and strengthen their personal development in all areas.



These are just some basic questions we get often, but we are aware of the fact that you may have more. If you have any other questions, we would be more than happy to assist you. You can email the executive director at You can also call the school at (410) 728-0003. You may also be able to find the answer to your question in the Parent Handbook.