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COVID-19 Information

Minimizing Contact

  • Our already small class sizes are smaller than required by the State of Maryland, and our teacher ratio even greater, to allow for close supervision of hygiene throughout the day.

  • Each class is staffed by the same team of adults all day.

  • All persons who enter our building must be fully vaccinated for COVID-19.


Keeping Surfaces and Air Clean

  • We have obtained ample supplies of gloves, hand sanitizer, disinfectant, soap and water and all other supplies/PPEs recommended by the CDC.

  • All toys that cannot be quickly cleaned in soap and water have been removed. 

  • All toys are cleaned twice daily, and any toys mouthed by children are cleaned immediately after use. 

  • We have maintained our existing schedule of daily whole-school professional cleaning.

  • The HVAC return and supply grills throughout the building are wiped clean periodically with non-toxic cleaners, the evaporator coils are sprayed with coil cleaner to reduce soil and dust, and all air filters are changed regularly.  

  • AERUS Air Scrubbers are installed in the air returns throughout the building to continuously purify the air as it passes through the system, reducing exposure to bacteria and viruses. 

  • The water system has been flushed and water has been tested to ensure purity.

  • To eliminate the preparation of food inside our building, parents are asked to pack a water bottle and lunch for their child each day as well as a morning and afternoon snack. Water bottles and lunch bags are sent home nightly for cleaning. All nap items are sent home for thorough laundering on Fridays. 


  • Staff must wear masks all day, except when outside, eating, or drinking.

  • Families provide masks for their children. All children wear a mask all day, except when playing outside, eating, drinking, or napping. Even our 2-year-olds do this with no problems!

  • Parents must wear masks while dropping off or picking up their children.

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Monitoring and Trusting Our Community

  • Staff and families are required to report any symptoms or possible exposure to the school. Our community’s health and safety depend upon this trust.

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